2023-2028 Strategic Plan

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In January of 2022, our Board of Directors took on the task of reviewing and updating our strategic plan. This visionary group of individuals took the time to pull apart our current plan, analyze accomplishments and focus on what comes next for our growing organization.


As a community foundation representing a wide variety of ideas and interests of donors who are united in a common purpose: to build and strengthen their community. This strategic plan acknowledges this and expresses our continued and shared commitment to improving lives. Yet, we realize that the plan itself will not achieve success unless we share our goals, incorporate them into our daily business practices, and remain diligent as stewards of charitable giving. With the support of outstanding staff, donors, the board of directors, and our community at large, we can build on what others envisioned and created, and set the Foundation on a path of increasing philanthropic excellence for years to come. We invite you to be a part of this journey and welcome your comments and insights.