Corporate Partnership

Be a part of the impact.

The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico serves as a community resource, connects donors to needs, and supports charitable organizations in their work.

We serve as a vehicle for people of all means to make a lasting impact on quality of life in our community now and in the future. Our organization is supported by a broad base of individuals, families, corporations, and institutions connected by the desire to improve the community. We manage hundreds of funds that allow us to act as a center for charitable giving to the community. This means we can support the arts, feed the hungry, expand literacy, provide scholarships, improve health, and support countless other meaningful causes in southern New Mexico.

Each corporate philanthropy investment, regardless of the size-grows the ripple of philanthropy created by our community. Our commitment to long term change in maternal and child health, non-profit capacity building and engaging the next philanthropic change agent allows you and your corporation to create a lasting impact in southern New Mexico.


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If you or your business would like to be involved with your Community Foundation as a corporate sponsor please contact our team, by phone at (575) 521-4794 or email at 


Where do your dollars go?

Corporate philanthropy supports the CFSNM Community Impact Fund, enabling our work to truly improve our community throughout southern New Mexico. This includes expanding CFSNM’s grant making, non-profit education and support and overall philanthropic initiatives through each and every county we serve.


Corporate Philanthropy’s Impact in Southern New Mexico:

  • Over $18 million in philanthropic work since 1989
  • 40 non-profit endowments supporting multiple needs throughout our community
  • Grant making to 27 partners since 2016
  • 12+ social media impressions per month
  • 950+ Constant Contact subscribers per quarterly newsletter
  • 500 attendees at our annual events