Professional Advisors: CFSNM is Your Partner in Charitable Giving Solutions

iStock_000064533601_MediumYour clients trust you to help them best manage their assets. For those clients who are charitably inclined, the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico is your partner and will work closely with you in providing the best advice, latest information, and technical expertise.

We are here to help you help your clients.

By establishing a charitable fund with the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, your client can determine exactly how funds are granted and feel confident that contributions will go directly back to the community and causes your client cares about.

You retain complete control of your client relationships. We’re here to support you and your client at whatever level of involvement you determine.

We offer: (might use hyperlinks here too where it makes sense)

  • Expertise and advice identifying your clients’ charitable-giving interests and goals
  • Help match charitable and financial goals with the best vehicle that will allow your clients to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy
  • Charitable giving documents and forms
  • Planned giving and estate planning tools