COVID-19 Response






In March 2020, our region faced an economic downturn in response to the worldwide COVID-19 health pandemic and state-mandated restriction orders. During that time, hundreds of families and businesses across southern New Mexico felt the financial impact.

Thanks to generous assistance from our neighbors, friends and donors, your CFSNM stepped in to assist in communities across the state by housing four separate emergency response funds locally, and working with the New Mexico Coalition of Community Foundations to coordinate a statewide response fund in conjunction with the governor’s office.

The Together Las Cruces emergency relief fund was created as a means to provide families in Doña Ana county with a financial hardship grant during times

when they could not work or lost their job. Started as a concept by local business owners, the fund quickly grew to more than $300,000 – and partnering with the City of Las Cruces, an additional $150,000 was donated to support our community. The Nonprofit Emergency Fund was established to assist other nonprofits in time of great need due to a community need, natural disaster, and/or response to overwhelming loss of operational revenues. To date, 29 nonprofit organizations have received grants to support their operations to meet the increased need in response to the health pandemic.

What began as an idea from a local entrepreneur and long-time Las Cruces resident has since turned into a sustained fund at the CFSNM: the Thank You Las Cruces Restaurants Fund was created to support local restaurants with a $1,000 grant, to feed their communities with no cost.

The Governor Richardson, Lopez, Olmos, Trejo COVID-19 Emergency Fund for the Southern Colonias of Doña Ana was established to provide support for the Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico to support the Thriving Families Program and Community Action Agency clients in response to the health pandemic. Grant funds were used specifically to support federally designated Colonias in southern New Mexico, and to date, more than 250 families have been served.






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