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The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico (CFSNM) has been here since the beginning, supporting local non-profit organizations, creating three unique pandemic-related funds to assist families throughout the region, and distributing grants to those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t wait—when a crisis hits, community-minded people step up and help. No matter how bad things get, you can always look for the helpers. Nurses, grocers, and other essential employees are doing their part. Now, you can do YOUR part.

The effects of COVID continue to hurt the people of our area, both physically and economically. Please make a contribution to help our friends and neighbors that continue to be affected by the massive changes in 2020.

NOW is the time for you to help right here, in your own community.


When COVID-19 shutdowns started in March, this fund was formed to provide grants of $250 to $500. 1,573 individuals and families were helped from 157 donors that gave $462,554. With the ongoing pandemic, many will need help again.

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Are you overtipping your servers? If so, thank you for your generosity, but also consider that many are unemployed and can’t receive those tips. To date 16 restaurants have been assisted with $1,000 grants. In turn these restaurants have served more than 1,600 free meals to those in need.

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More than $100,000 has been raised to assist nonprofits throughout southern New Mexico. 29 grants were awarded in the spring of 2020 encompassing more than $67,000 in support to keep doors open and missions moving forward.

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CLICK HERE or call (575) 521-4794 to find out how you can support these three funds or choose to specifically help any of our multitude of funds. You can even opt to give to CFSNM separately to help support our operations as we continue to respond to crises quickly and effectively.

TODAY is the DAY! The IRS will recognize up to $300 per person in donations in addition to your standard tax deduction this year, without having to itemize.

Want to do more? CFSNM can also help you create and manage a scholarship, an endowment, or even a Donor Advised Fund if you wish to help in a more significant way!

Serving. Connecting. Supporting.

Serving as a community resource. Connecting donors to needs. Supporting charitable organizations in their work.